2. Swap

Get your tokens to the right place, on the right chain, at the right time


The Swap Page helps you find the most efficient way to move your assets across chains and swap into different tokens. FortyTwo show you the route that each transaction will take, ensuring you get the best deal.


  • Swaps:

Swap tokens into any asset of your choice. We offer all the major market cap tokens, and try our very best on integrate the long-tail assets too.

We source and display swap routes to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Bridging:

Move your assets seamlessly across blockchain networks, including, Ethereum and L2s, Cosmos chains, and Solana. No more getting lost in the vast expanse of the crypto universe.

Why We Built This?

Teleporting human-beings through space-time can be confusing and error-prone. Your body may re-appear in the wrong era, or without some key body parts.

Teleporting tokens across chains can be just as confusing. Users lose tokens, they pay high gas fees, and lose out on financial returns.

We want FortyTwo users to gain full access to the vast expanse of cross-chain DeFi. Never lose a token, or piece of a token, along the way.

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