FortyTwo is the Answer

One goal: Make the Interchain Simple!

If history predicts the future, which according to many, it does, blockchains will serve as a foundational layer, and users will operate across many ecosystems.

FortyTwo is the first point of entry into this Interchain ecosystem.

The Interchain will be confusing. Many things to do, and many bridges to get there. Although Ethereum is currently the primary execution layer - there are countless other chains, all with their own novel use cases - not to mention the vast influx of L2s.

FortyTwo makes life easy, by taking away this complexity. One place for EVERYTHING!

Blockchains are currently going through an unbundling. We, at FortyTwo, are bundling all this into a nice little package, and putting a pretty ribbon on top.

We provide insights into your Interchain portfolio, enable you to play with cross-chain DeFi, discover NFTs, sort out your taxes and that's not all.

FortyTwo is am easy to use aggregator providing users with a simple, automated and optimized interface to utilize all DeFi has to offer.

According to Jim Barksdale, ex-CEO of Netscape - “There are only two ways to make money in business: one is to bundle; the other is unbundle”. Money is not our primary goal, delivering value to users is. Money is a by-product of value.

The Answer

According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, an alien species built a supercomputer to calculate "The answer to life, the universe and everything".

After 7.5m years, the aliens returned to the supercomputer, only to hear that The Answer was 42.

However, no one knew what the question was...

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