FortyTwo Principles

Things we think about when we build, hire, chat or be

1) Ship like a speedboat 🚤

  • Push code!

  • Make it quick.

  • Test and iterate.

  • Failing is learning. Faster we fail, faster we learn.

2) Love your users, they’ll love you

  • Users are our most important all. Make time for them.

  • Have open lines of communications

  • Provide updates on what we’ve pushed - weekly

  • Listen to them closely for fundamental needs

  • Be real with them

  • Be the user!

3) Marathon Thinking

  • This is a 7 year play. Next year it may be 7 years again.

  • Where are things going in the long-term. That’s where we’re looking.

  • Hands build today. Mind thinks the future.

4) Do what’s right, right?

  • Have willpower to act with good values/morals

    • Sometimes its hard when different incentives are at play

  • Gut check yourself

    • “Am I acting with integrity?”

    • “Am I doing what’s right?”

    • “Is the company acting with integrity?”

  • Reversed gratification

    • Get hard things over and done with as quickly as possible

      • Often the suspense / worry is worse than the outcome

    • Delay good things as long as possible

      • Often the anticipation is better / more motivating than the outcome

5) Consistency is key

  • Equanimity - ups and downs are part of life. They’re part of nature - sometimes it’s windy, sometimes it’s breezy, sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes sunny, oceans are wild and flat and mountains are big and small and have dips. Keep your cool, dude/dudess!

  • Resilience - this ain’t gonna be easy

  • Perseverance - “The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is the attitude towards the problem” - Captain Jack Sparrow

6) Honesty, with respect

  • When you’re having a hard conversation with someone, and you don’t know how to say something, use that feeling as a trigger to think “I need to cross the honesty bridge”

  • Honesty can be brutal and harsh. But it doesn’t need to be. That’s where respect comes in. Understand that you’re dealing with another person, with their own thoughts and perspectives.

  • Keep the conversation open-minded, while stating how you feel.

  • There is always the right way of handling a situation. Try to find that right way.

  • Your sentence should be something along the lines - “Okay, I’m going to tell you how I truly feel about [xyz] and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback”

7) You can’t make dollars if you can’t make sense

  • Think, discuss, think, discuss.

  • Be clear in your understanding of topics.

  • Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know understand something.

  • Strong fundamentals make sound structures.

  • The team is here to support in anyway.

8) Be Brave

  • Things that are hard:

    • Doing what’s right

    • Being honest

    • Speaking up

    • Working hard

    • Rejection

    • Admitting failure

  • We need these hardships. They’re not going to kill us.

  • Be brave, put yourself in the firing zone

9) Abundance Mindset

  • Don’t be afraid to give.

  • We have:

    • Abundant time to create.

    • Abundant abilities to help each other.

    • Abundant expertise for questions.

    • Abundant engineering capacity to build.

    • Abundant money to survive.

    • Abundant resources to thrive.

  • Act with abundance. We have more than enough.

10) Try first, failure second, ask third

  • The goal is to learn!

    • Trying = learning

    • Failing = learning

    • Asking = learning

  • Coming to the team with clear specific thoughts because you had tried and failed keeps the engine oiled and moving.

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