FortyTwo Strategy

How do we plan on being the answer to your DeFi needs?


Inspire people to use crypto by offering a variety of simple, fun, low risk and lucrative opportunities.


FortyTwo will be the go-to application for all crypto users seeking personalized, automated portfolio management by offering a comprehensive array of strategies with the most convenient user experience.


  1. Optimal User Portfolios:

    i. Personalized strategies

    ii. Auto-rebalanced returns

    iii. Diversified strategies (cross-chain, cross-app)

  2. Easiest User Experience:

    i. Robinhood/Coinbase for DeFi ii. Simple, continuous project discovery iii. Natual language to find suitable yields iv. Familiar user flows v. Comprehensive portfolio dashboard

Last Mile Delivery

FortyTwo are experts at "Last Mile Delivery" of tokens.

We get the right token, into the right strategy, on the right app, on the right chain.

We have integrated with amazing infrastructure partners who perform the "Long Range Delivery" of tokens directly in the FortyTwo platform - i.e. "How do I swap tokenX on chainX into tokenY on chainY?"

Once you have tokenY on chainY - FortyTwo's technology ensures that the token is deposited into the best strategy on the best app (Last Mile Delivery).

All of these transactions (long and short range deliveries) are bundled up into a few clicks all through the easy-to-use FortyTwo platform.

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