Portfolio Tracker

The first Cosmos Portfolio View that allows users to clearly see the breakdown of their Cosmos holdings. Users can can connect one or a bundle of wallets and will have a holistic view of:
  • Wallet breakdowns showing token holdings
  • Total assets held across Cosmos chains (including staked/bonded tokens)
  • Total assets held in different apps across chains (including CW indexed tokens)
  • Balances staked to validators including key information (yields; unclaimed tokens etc.)
  • LP pool exposures including key information (yields; LTV; unclaimed tokens etc.)

Portfolio Tracker Roadmap

  1. 1.
    Transaction History will display how users' wallets have done over time and how to optimize them
  2. 2.
    Interchain NFTs will display all NFTs that are held by users' wallet across the interchain
  3. 3.
    Claimable airdrops allow users to connect wallets and immediately display any unclaimed airdrops
  4. 4.
    Third Party Wallet Tracker is a social component that allows users to watch and send messages to wallets of interest (whales, influencers etc.)
  5. 5.
    Tax Compliance finally makes taxes easy (WTF!)


  1. 1.
    Easy Portfolio Management: Clear understanding = clear decisions
  2. 2.
    Risk Management: FortyTwo helps users ensure that their portfolios are well diversified across chains/DEXs
  3. 3.
    Staking Management: In one glance, users can see the APYs that their portfolios are attracting
  4. 4.
    Tax Compliance: In the near future, the product will help users simplify their tax reporting burdens.


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