Portfolio Tracker

Easily track your assets

Portfolio View allows users to clearly see the breakdown of their Interchain holdings. Users can connect one wallet or track bundles of wallets.

Users can see:

  • Wallet breakdowns

  • Assets held on different chains

  • Assets held in different apps across chains

  • Balances staked to validators

Portfolio Tracker Features [Coming soon]

  • Transaction History will display how users' wallets have performed over time

  • Interchain NFTs

  • Claimable airdrops allow users to connect wallets and immediately display any unclaimed airdrops

  • Wallet to wallet messaging

  • Tax Compliance finally makes taxes easy (WTF!)


  1. Easy Portfolio Management: Clear understanding = clear decisions

  2. Risk Management: FortyTwo helps users ensure that their portfolios are well diversified across chains/DEXs

  3. Return Management: Are your assets being optimized? We'll let you know

  4. Time management: We want to save users time!

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